Like a Breath of Fresh Air

Have window screens repaired on your Bountiful, UT home by HDI Glass

When the cool spring or fall weather offers a nice breeze to your home, having a screen in your window can provide a filter to the outside air. Bent frames or torn mesh should be replaced to ensure your window screen is effective. We offer different colors of frames, too.

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3 reasons to install window screens

3 reasons to install window screens

If your home’s window screens are damaged, it’s worth having them repaired or replaced. There are numerous benefits of window screens, including:

  1. Keeping insects out
  2. Cutting down on dust that blows in
  3. Adding a bit of security when your window is open
We are able to replace the frame or just the mesh screen, depending on your needs. Contact HDI Glass for screen repairs on your Bountiful, UT area home.