Your Bathroom Would Benefit From Glass

Have a glass shower enclosure installed in Bountiful, UT by HDI Glass

While shower curtains can provide a good bit of privacy, they also tend to foster mildew growth and let water out. HDI Glass will add glass to your standard tub, or replace your existing door. Our bathroom remodeling contractor has the experience to improve the look of your existing bathroom with the installation of a semi-frame or frameless bath enclosure.

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5 benefits of a glass shower enclosure

5 benefits of a glass shower enclosure

If you’re wondering if you should have a shower enclosure installed in your bathroom, you should be aware of a number of benefits they provide, including:

  1. Making your bathroom appear larger
  2. Allowing more natural light inside your shower
  3. Showcasing your tile design
  4. Creating a spa-like feel in your bathroom
  5. Increasing the value of your home
HDI Glass will take measurements for the glass and offer options for the design within your budget. Discover the beauty of a glass bath enclosure by contacting HDI Glass today.